Is Blogging Really a Job?

I love the internet. Back when I was starting out my career in fashion publishing, the internet was definitely around, but it wasn’t anything like…

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Moving to a new city where I knew absolutely no one was a little bit of a daunting task. I felt exactly the same way…

Know Your Worth– Then Add Tax

#Hairflip lol “Know your worth– then add tax.” This is something I’ve seen on Pinterest boards, Instagram motivational quotes, Tumblr. (OK, I haven’t seen it…

What’s Your Personality Type?

Outfit Details: Target Jean jacket • Amazon plaid skirt • Forever 21 white tee • Adidas sneakers • Amazon sunglasses • Similar straw bag If…

Photo Diary: CC Vision Summit with Mary Kay

This post is sponsored by Mary Kay. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support A…

Why Being Single in Your 30s is Actually Great

All of my friends are married. With a few exceptions, the girls I talk to most or spend the most time with…. all have hubbies.…

How to Set Up a DIY Ice Cream Bar

Fall is here and full of all kinds of entertaining– whether you’re hosting friends for dinner, planning an outing to the local pumpkin patch or…

Favorite True Crime Podcasts

I love a good true crime podcast. It’s weird, because I never thought it would be the kind of thing I’d be into? I don’t…

There Are No Accidental Meetings

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about accidental meetings and chance encounters. Moving to a new city, meeting people has been on my mind. This…

How I’m Prepping To Move

I seriously can’t believe that I’m moving to Savannah in 12 days! Not gonna lie– I have packed 0 things and purchased absolutely nothing for…

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