How I’m Prepping To Move

Prepping to move to a new city: things I'm doing to move to Savannah.

I seriously can’t believe that I’m moving to Savannah in 12 days! Not gonna lie– I have packed 0 things and purchased absolutely nothing for the new pad. (Worst blogger ever?)

I’ve been thinking a lot about moving to a new city… it’s so exciting, thinking about the new friends you’ll make and the new places to explore! I’ve been a few times by now, so it’s not exactly an unknown city. But it’s definitely different to hang out there for a few days and to actually live there! 

Even though I really haven’t done any packing, I have actually been prepping to move by doing some things. 

Stalking local bloggers. I basically stalked all the Savannah hashtags and popular hotspots, tracked down some local bloggers IG accounts and have been DMing them. (I don’t know if that’s psycho or what, but… whatever lol!) In my experience, blogger friends have proven to be the best friends– they know all the best photo spots, don’t mind taking 1000 pics of you every time you’re dressed somewhat presentably and totally get that you can NOT eat until the Story is shot ha! Plus, as a blogger myself, I know that most likely I’ll see them at any local events that come up. Integrating into a new community can be tough, especially in the blogging world, which can alternately be open or cliquey, depending. Fingers crossed these girls are as nice as the Miami gals I count as my besties.  

Speaking of Instagram– I’ve been following local hotspots on Instagram. I either look at location tags or check out Yelp reviews and then find them on IG. Dying to check out The Wayward and The Peregrin Savannah… both spots are at the Perry Lane Hotel. 

I’m making a list of all the places I want to check out and try! I’ll share it in a different post coming soon. 

This might sound weird, but one of the things that makes me feel most settled in a new city is finding a nail salon. (If you follow my Instagram Stories, this will no doubt make you LOL. We’ll see guys. HAHA!!) I’ve been perusing Yelp for this one. My favorite is when people post price lists… why doesn’t everyone do that?! Some places charge $25 for a gel manicure and some want to charge you $50 which is wild. I need to know before I show up! 

In addition to nail salons, I’m looking for blow out bars and lash extension spots. (Being a blogger takes a lot of maintenance, as you can see lol!) I think this is another way following local bloggers can be helpful. 

Basically, I think it all boils down to research! I think that researching the area you’re moving to and familiarizing yourself with the place you’re moving to will ultimately help you feel more comfortable. If you’re prepping to move, learning as much as you can about your new home will really go a long way to relieving any anxiety you may feel about going through such a big change. 

What SHOULD I be doing that I’m not? PACKING. I am awful. I can’t get it together to pack, are you guys like me?? I mean, I do this all the time, even for short trips lol. Just the thought of going through all of my stuff is so overwhelming! I’d love to know– do you guys have any tips for how to tackle packing??? PLEASE let me know in the comments. 

This is the outfit I wore to apartment hunt in Savannah a couple of weeks ago! This dress was so easy breezy to wear running around. Truth be told, we didn’t even run around that much! We signed a lease for the very first apartment we saw… we loved it that much! I can’t wait to show it to you guys, it is so cute. I think you’ll love it as much as I do! 

Easy gray striped dress for summer-5

Outfit Details: Shein striped dress • Universal Thread Jenny sandals • Ray-Ban round sunglasses • Charming Charlie Bardot Filigree necklace c/o • Charming Charlie Seychelles mini hoop earrings c/o • Tory Burch York Buckle tote similar here • taudrey Sabby bracelet set c/o • taudrey Autograph cuff bracelet taudrey Jackie Kennedy bracelet c/o •   taudrey Charming bracelet set c/o • taudrey Wrapped in pearls bracelet c/o

Thanks so much for reading! 

xo Steph

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