Why Being Single in Your 30s is Actually Great

Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-2

All of my friends are married. With a few exceptions, the girls I talk to most or spend the most time with…. all have hubbies. Once you get into your 30s, it happens. 

While none of my friends have ever asked me about it, my sisters and mom definitely have. “Does it bother you,” they ask cautiously. The short answer? No! 

Being single is all about mindset. There are pros and cons to everything; being single has both, being in a relationship has both. I find that the women who are most unhappy with their relationship status are the ones who struggle to see the pros in their situation. Most women are so blinded by the cons of their situation and the pros of where they wish they were… that they don’t see the pros in their situation and the cons of their dream relationship.

Being single is a season. I think it’s important to enjoy the season you’re in, no matter what it is. Enjoy your freedom! You can decorate your place as girly as you want to. You can eat whatever you want, cook whatever you want, watch whatever you want. You don’t have to wait for someone to binge your favorite show. That one right there is reason enough for me haha! 

It’s just the perfect time to focus on you; yourself, your needs, your goals. Self care is the name of the game! 

This is a season of freedom, and I think it’s so valuable and precious… definitely don’t feel rushed to get out of it! 

Age is just a number these days. 30 is the new 20. People are getting married later and later. The dating pool isn’t as shallow as it once was! 

I’ve never been the girl who needs to have a boyfriend, even in my teens and twenties. I’ve always thrived in independence. The truth is, I’m not a time waster. If I know that it’s not meant to be– I have no problem getting out. 

I’ve had a lot of girls ask me about how I’m so happy being single, how I’m not stressed out about dating or finding someone. The truth is, I have faith. My mom has been praying for my husband since the day I was born. I have never doubted that there’s someone I’m meant to be with who’s out there. I have faith in God’s perfect timing and I know that all along, He’s been orchestrating my future and leading me down the path I’m on now. My husband’s on it too. He’s making his way down the path, just like I am. Pretty soon we’ll meet and that will be that. I don’t have to waste time or stress in the meantime… it’ll all happen when it’s supposed to. 

If you’re a single gal out there– don’t stress. It’ll happen when it’s meant to. Don’t settle because you’re afraid. Have faith that your perfect match is out there and that he is on his way to you too. Focus on becoming who you need to be and eventually, it’ll all work itself out. 

Honestly, I didn’t expect to write about this today. I shot this beautiful LBD that I thought would be perfect for the holiday season and then realized it was a great date night look… and somehow, the idea of writing about singleness just came to me. Call it divine inspiration!

Which reminds me… in the spirit of self care!!… I’m in Miami this week, did a little birthday staycation which will be coming soon to the blog. But, while I’m in town, I’m popping by Body Details for round 2 of the Skin Rejuvenation laser treatment I started awhile back. I had posted a photo on Instagram, for those of you who remember. With another birthday passing, I’m making skincare a priority and I’m psyched about the Skin Rejuvenation laser… it targets fine lines, dark spots, and reveals youthful, glowing skin, which you know is my obsession. So far I’ve seen good results… make sure you stay tuned for the journey, which I’ll be sharing soon. I was so excited when Body Details reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying out the Skin Rejuvenation Laser and sharing it on the blog.

In any case, wanted to make sure to call out this gorgeous black lace dress… isn’t it stunning?? I think it’s going to be perfect for the holidays! It’s so flattering and beautiful… I especially love the velvet ribbon detail on the empire waist!

Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-3

Outfit DetailsAdalyn Rae lace dress, c/o Kaitlyn Pan valentino rockstud dupe heels Clare V leopard foldover clutch Sugarfix hoop earrings, c/o Baublebar

Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-4
Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-7
Why being single in your 30s is actually great
Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-6
Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-8
Why being single in your 30s is actually great
Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday-13
Adelyn Rae lace midi dress for fall and holiday

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to know– how many of you gals are single?? Are you enjoying your season of singleness? If you’re married– what do you think about being single in your 30s? Hit the comments and let me know! 

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