What’s Your Personality Type?

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If you follow me on Instagram, surely you saw my posts after I took a form of the Myers-Briggs personality test. SO many of you gals messaged me with YOUR personality types and how scary accurate the descriptions were! I know that I was pretty blown away by how spot-on some of it was! There were things that I read that I didn’t even realize were things that I do… but I DO THEM. Also something I never realized until I read an article from somewhere like IHGTC that your personality shifts as you get older! Crazy I know because I always assumed it stayed relatively the same but if you want to find out more you can check out this article. Now let’s look into personalities!

Interested in your own personality type? Take the quiz here!

SO, what type did I get?? I’m ENFP, “The Campaigner”. Things that stood out to me as totally accurate about my personality:

Observant/Intuitive – I definitely notice things. Mainly about people. I think that I’m pretty good at gaging peoples’ motivations and why they do the things they do. My intuition is pretty spot on most of the time. Usually I can see beyond someone’s actions to why they did the things they do, which is both good and bad because I often end up making excuses for people when my best course of action would be to cut them loose.

Energetic/Enthusiastic – The funny thing about this is the passage that said “As they observe, forming new connections and ideas, ENFPs won’t hold their tongues – they’re excited about their findings, and share them with anyone who’ll listen. GUYS. THIS IS WHY I HAVE A BLOG!!!! That’s the entire reason I do this– I love sharing the things I’ve found with you. I’m always been that girl that gets a compliment on her shoes and HAS to tell you that they’re from Target. It was so fun to see that it’s something intrinsic to my personality and that there’s an explanation for it!

Friendly – Hopefully this is one you can co-sign on! I think I’m pretty friendly. I initially like people right off the bat and am excited to get to know them. I also tend to befriend people quickly. I am not afraid to text a new acquaintance to schedule a coffee date or to turn a casual friend into a closer one. This is one of the reasons I have so many blogger friends all over the country! I consider some of them my closest pals and a few of them I’ve never even MET before! That may seem wild to you, depending on your personality type, but it’s pretty normal for me haha!

Difficulty Focusing – Ouch. YES x 1000. I have the hardest time staying focused!! To combat this, I will often times employ the use of the ‘Focus Keeper’ app, which is a Pomodoro timer. If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro technique, it’s a focus technique in which you set timers and work in 25 minute blocks. Every 25 minutes, you take a 5 minute break. Every 4 sets of work blocks you complete, you take a 25 minute break. This pretty much forces you to get work done and I love it! I’ve found that I need a strict and rigid schedule or plan to actually get stuff done… I seem to focus better in those situations!

Stressed Easily – LOL. IT ME. I can get very easily overwhelmed by tasks and to-do lists. Getting stressed is definitely something I feel. I think this goes hand-in-hand with the focus thing as well as being creative… we have all these great ideas and big plans but when it comes down to executing them, I think we struggle. At least I do! I think tackling things one at a time and prioritizing tasks is the key to this! Stress can have a bad effect on the body and cause a lot more problems along the way, believe me I know, so it is no wonder that people search for something that can help balance their body that will have a knock-on effect in other areas. To help take care of the body people can turn to supplements like ActivatedYou to aid in their overall wellness and make them feel better about themselves. Tackling stress is hard but what’s worse is letting it take over.

Overthink Things – YES. The interesting thing about this is that… I overthink things that don’t really make sense to me, but I don’t overthink everything. I’ll definitely get caught up in the ‘whys‘ while I puzzle out the reasons behind a word or action that don’t make sense to me, but that’s not really a constant state for me. I’m pretty spontaneous to make decisions and if I have a good grasp on something, I’m not dwelling on it. I think for me, the overthinking comes in when there’s uncertainty about the root causes of whatever I’m mulling over, or if I don’t understand why someone did something.

Appreciate Compliments – My love language is ‘Words of Affirmation’, so… ’nuff said. I am definitely someone who needs positive verbal reinforcement. I really appreciate when someone tells me how they feel about me or about something I did. For better or worse, verbal praise is a primary motivator for me.

Deeply Involved in Friends’ Lives – I feel this. I am very invested in the lives, work and happiness of my best buds. When one of them has a problem or is going through a hard time, I really do try to make an effort to be there for them. If they’re struggling with something, I love breaking it down with them and talking it out. I love nothing more than a deep dive into my pals’ issues and heart-to-hearts are my favorite kinds of chats.

I definitely think there’s value in self-awareness. It’s important to know who you are and why you are the way you are. Especially when it’s something that could be a short-coming, we need to know the things that we’re good at and the things we can work at. There’s always room for self-improvement, right?

I’ve also loved hearing from my friends about what their personality types are… it really makes so much more sense when you read up on it and it can definitely illuminate things about your relationship and interactions. I truly think miscommunication is the main reason for problems in any type of relationship. As long as the lines of communication are open between you, you can overcome almost anything. (Is it obvious that that’s the ENFP in me?? haha!)

I loved taking the quiz and chatting with you about all of your personality types! I got so many great DMs the day I posted about it! I’m going to go ahead and link the quiz again, in case you didn’t take it, and then I’d love to hear– what’s your personality type?? Did you feel like the quiz accurately pegged who you are?? Let me know in the comments!

xo Steph

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