March Reading List + Book Reviews

Lately, I’ve been making the effort to turn off Netflix and pick up a book instead. I’m a pretty avid reader, so it’s really not…

February 2019 Book Reviews + Reading List

OH MY GOSH. What a mess! I was looking through my posts, trying desperately to find my September and October book reviews, knowing I hadn’t…

August 2018 Book Reviews + Reading List

I read SO many good books in August! (Most of them were obviously on my iPad lol!) I loved every book I read this month……

July 2018 Book Reviews + Reading List

I read a bunch of really great books this past month that I’m SO excited to share with you! My July 2018 Book Reviews +…

My Summer 2017 Reading List

I just love knowing what other people are reading. Call me nosy, but I just like to know!! I’m so intrigued by people’s taste in…

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