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Hot Pink Pom Poms (Original Post here) / White Ball Drop (Original Post here)/ Pom Pom Hoops (Original Post here)/ Light Pink Tassels (Original Post here)

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to jewelry, I go through phases. There are a few things that I’ll never get tired of. Things like stunning gold earrings and diamond rings will never get old but most other things only last a little while before I change them up. There was a period of time that I lived in diamond stud earrings and focused mainly on amazing statement necklaces. (You may remember the story I told years ago about that time I had to have my diamond studs literally CUT OUT OF MY EARS lol… so traumatizing!) For a long time, I did bracelets on bracelets on bracelets and tons of rings. (Now, I’m more into a medium sized arm party on one arm and maybe two rings.) Lately, I’ve focused a lot more on statement EARRINGS. I think it’s because there are currently so many great earrings out there… and so many earring trends that I’m loving; like pom poms, tassels, and ball drop earrings.

Really cool statement earrings just elevate any look. Wearing a basic tee and jeans? No problem, throwing on a pair of your favorite tassel earrings will make your cazh look suddenly 150% cooler. I think earrings just give any outfit personality, a little something extra. Plus, doing a quick accessory swap is the easiest way to take a look from day to night.

Today, I wanted to highlight a few of my current favorite earrings. You’ve seen ’em before, these are the baubles I have on major repeat.

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas shares her 11 current favorite earrings from spring

Ear Crawler / Gold Hoops / Pink Tassels / Turquoise Thread Wrapped / Black Beaded Drop / Hot Pink Pom Pom Drop / Pom Pom Hoops / Multi Colored Pom-Poms / Aqua Ball Drops / Magenta Beaded

Turquoise Thread Wrapped: I actually just got these in on Friday, so they’re not REALLY a staple yet, but I know they will be. I love the combination of the tassels and the little beads… they’re very nice and rigid but lightweight. I wore them all day yesterday and they were really comfortable and cute! Stay tuned to see these in action soon. They’re also available in a neon coral color that is beautiful for summer, and a light pink that I am totally obsessed with. (Looks like light pink is sold out! Keep an eye out for it, I’m sure they’ll be back!)

Multi Colored Pom-Poms : I love the colors on these earrings and the multi pom is such a fun touch! I haven’t shot these for the blog yet, but I will be soon, so keep an eye out to see them in action. They’re also available in a navy/cobalt/marble colorway that is so gorgeous, and kind of a little less tropical, if that makes any sense lol.

Pink Tassels: What can I say about pink tassels?? I am obsessed with the blush color and the champagne top stone that feels both neutral and fresh. These blush beauties are on major repeat, ALWAYS. Plus, they’re only $12.99. They’re also available in mint and navy.

Gold Drops (Original Post here) / Black Beaded Drops (Original Post here)

White Ball Drops / Gray Ombre Ball Drops / Aqua Ball Drops / Striped Ball Drops

White Ball Drops / Gray Ombre Ball Drops / Aqua Ball Drops / Striped Ball Drops: OK, so I grouped these all together because it’s basically the same earring in different colors. You can tell I am INTO this trend!! These earrings are so lightweight and really make any outfit pop. They’ve been flying in and out of stock, so my apologies that some of them are out of stock in the colors I am showing. They’ll be back, trust. Also, some of these are Charming Charlie Austin, and some are Baublebar Crispin. Owning both, I can tell you they’re identical. So, obvoiusly the CC Austin is a tad more tempting, seeing as how they’re only $12!

Black Beaded Drop / Gold Drops / Hot Pink Pom Pom Drop : OK, so again, I grouped these together because they’re the same idea as the Crispin, just in different textures. I especially love the Gold Mya Drops! They’re surprisingly lightweight, don’t be scared. The black beaded Crispin drops are so gorgeous for evening. The hot pink pom pom are so fun and light… perfect for summer.

Gold Hoops (Original Post here)/ Pom Pom Hoops (Original Post here)

Gold Hoops : This on-trend take on the classic gold hoop is so beautiful! The subtle diamond detailing gives it a little sparkle and a tiny feminine flair. These are a great go-with-anything pair of earrings, and they’re really lightweight.

Pom Pom Hoops: I’ve worn these like CRAZY… you’ve definitely seen them! I love the pom pom detail on these classic gold hoops… it really makes them so much more fun and gives them an infusion of personality. I really like the color of these pom poms… gray with pink and black. Sort of different for a pom pom right?

Charming Charlie Austin Earrings

Magenta Beaded (Original Post here)/ Ear Crawler (Original Post here)

Magenta Beaded : The magenta color looks to be sold out, but they’re still available in black or this gorgeous multi-color way that I am dying over. These are just a really fun summer earring that pair perfectly with bikinis, denim cutoffs and pretty sundresses alike.

Ear Crawler: I love this simple and tasteful ear crawler… whenever I’m wearing a necklace instead of a statement earring, I always go for these instead of a classic diamond stud… they’re just as simple as a stud, but with a little more edge and pizazz. These are a total go-to for everyday, basic looks.

So, those are my favorite earrings right now! Here are a few I don’t YET own, but are majorly on my radar. Something that a friend showed me were the elegant pearl earrings from lintonjewelry.com. I would definitely like a pair of these for a fancy night out or something like that! Maybe in the next installment of My Current Favorite Earrings?? LOL! Click below to shop. Make sure you hit the arrows to scroll all the way through!

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my current favorite earrings. I’d love to know– what are YOUR current fave earrings? Hit the comments, lemme know, I’ll check them out. xx

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