My Empty House Tour!

YAY! So excited to finally give you guys a peek inside the new house! I posted a photo of our semi-finished living room a few weeks ago, but haven’t really shared looks at the rest of the house. I’ve been dying to share more, but I had filmed this empty house tour the day we moved in and just haven’t had a chance to edit the video until now.

SO, here it is! As I mentioned in the vlog, home decor is a process… I know it won’t be done for awhile. Finding the house, through a site like https://bretwallace.com/harvest-green-subdivision-spotlight , was only the first part of our journey into a new home. I find it’s the decor that really changes a house into a home. While we have all the necessities, there are definitely details we need to add. (We haven’t found the perfect tcotchkes for the built-ins in the living room, and the back wall is totally bare!) The back living room wall is sort of a challenge– it’s HUGE and long and has the a/c and remote control all wired up and ready to go. We spoke to professionals like an electrician oakleigh way, when we were installing the a/c and it turned out we could have it smack dab in the middle of the room, exactly what we wanted! I can’t wait to see how airy and cool it will feel in the hotter months! Although we’ll definitely need some furniture that will really pop – we’re open to suggestions for what could go back there, so let me know! I’m so happy with our new house, it’s perfect for us! We were able to buy it due to getting some bridging finance on Lending Expert and I’m so glad we live here. Dreams really do come true!

We also still need RUGS!! SO MANY RUGS. Who knew that a house could look so empty without something as simple as a rug. Floors aside, the walls are also looking very sterile, so I need some nice meaningful wall hangings to at least make it less echoey. I was thinking some travel posters would look good as they tell a story of all the places I’ve been, so I can look at them and be reminded of all my adventures. So many people fill their walls with meaningless mirrors which make big empty spaces look even bigger and even emptier. I’d rather have something on my walls that are personal to me.

The verandah is totally empty, I have a definite vision for it, it’s such a great space!

And I don’t have bedroom curtains, which I think I need to get ASAP because I made REALLY awkward eye contact with a neighbor the other day while I was wearing my robe lol!

So, here it is! Can’t wait to hear what you think of the new digs! I’m so excited for you to see it. Make sure that you subscribe to my channel on YouTube and follow me on Instagram for a peek at the progress… I’ll be revealing rooms over the next few weeks!

Photos courtesty of SMLC

Thanks so much for reading!! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

xo Steph

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