Instagram Favorites – Summer 2018

Happy Friday!!

OK, seriously, I haven’t done an Instagram favorites recap in ages… so I figured that for today’s post, I’d round up all of my favorite posts as well as YOURS! I’ve been using Instagram quite a lot lately and a few people have told me to buy automatic Instagram likes, but I still haven’t tried that. I do know that it is certainly popular at the moment. I know a lot of people who have had to look online to help them on how to be a boss at instagram, because it doesn’t just get handed to you on a silver plate. They found they were losing instagram followers and didn’t know how to tackle the issue, luckily there were plenty of online guides to help them know what they were doing wrong. I also know of a few people who have boosted their Instagram pages in other ways recently. For example, a lot of people want to increase their follower count and use a growth service to do so. You can find reviews of the best growth services at Platypus Reviews. If your page is lacking in followers, you might want to consider doing this. There are other ways you can make your Insta page better, though. You may not be aware, but it is even possible to Buy Custom Instagram Comments in order to build visibility for your Instagram pages too.

So much has been going on lately, between moving and travel… these recaps have escaped me. I’ve barely been able to keep on top of my Instagram! I’ve not had time to engage with you all as much as I’d like it. I’ve been looking into Upleap (https://upleap.com) to see if it would be worth getting their account manager to make life easier but I’m still looking into it for now. But today I found some spare time so I finally sat down at my desk, started listening to the Dr Death podcast and went through putting it all together. (BY THE WAY– have you listened to it?? I finally did after virtually everyone I asked for a podcast recommendation mentioned how good it was! I’ll keep ya posted… currently on episode 4 and am now basically terrified of doctors lol! Also– would you want to see a favorite podcasts post?? Thinking of putting one together!)

Looking back at the summer, I hadn’t really realized how busy I was! So many fun things– the Taylor Swift concert, a trip to Universal, moving to Savannah, Miami Swim Week… busy, busy!

I am so psyched for the fall– but looking back, I do feel a twinge about having to store some of my summer fave pieces! I’m definitely excited for the temperatures to drop and to break out some cozy sweaters and fall booties!

Planning on trying to get organized and get some work done this weekend, I want to research how to buy instagram followers so I can share all this with even more of you lovely people! Plus I want to get back to my reading list… I have a few books to catch up, so my September Book Reviews will be slightly delayed! (Blame it on The Handmaid’s Tale! I’ve been watching every night instead of reading…)

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great weekend! Let me know in the comments– do you have any fun weekend plans?

xo Steph

Your stylish BFF. Obsessed with coffee, crop tops, and Amazon. Love dressing up. Always on the hunt for the perfect bag, boot or LBD to share with you, my BFF. Let's do life together.

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