Life Update: Surprise! Big News!

Striped dress for summer

SURPRISE!! For the last few months I’ve been keeping a little bit of a secret. You have to forgive me for not telling you sooner– I didn’t want to say anything until it was officially official, and now it is! 

The surprise? 

I’m moving part-time to Savannah, Georgia! Surely you’ve seen that I’ve visited a few times this year. My youngest sister, Kaitlyn, is a student at SCAD, studying Interior Design. She lived in the dorm last year and this year is going to be moving into an apartment… so I decided to go with her! 

Savannah is so beautiful, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore a new city and experience what life is like in the South. I’m single, no kids, it’s really the perfect time to do something like this, right? I’ll still be based part-time in Miami… I couldn’t really say goodbye to the friends I’ve made and the amazing opportunities that come my way because of the blog down in South Florida! But, I’m excited to start fresh in a new place and I think it’ll be such a fun time for me and Kaitlyn! 

We went up earlier this week to look at apartments and found the perfect one… it’s the first and only apartment we even looked at and I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to share more with you! Our move-in date is September 1, so make sure you stay tuned! 

I’ll be posting an empty home tour and then updated home tours as we get settled into the new place, so don’t worry, you’ll definitely be along for the ride. I’m also going to be posting home content regularly! So excited to give you a closer look at that part of my life… so, any posts you want to see, please let me know! Also– I’m scouring every single home decor company and website, so if you have any great recommendations, please let me know! (If you are a home decor company… get at me!)

I’m also going to be putting together guides to Savannah as I get to know the city and discover new favorite places, so if you have any recommendations, please hit the comments and let me know. 

I’m excited for this move! I think that it’ll really be a creative refresh for me in terms of the blog and upcoming content. Plus, let’s get real, your girl is excited to have some seasons!! Guys, I’m going to be able to actually wear a sweater without sweating my face off!! (That’s definitely the thing I’m most excited for, not gonna lie!) 

In honor of my big move, I made sure to get some cute shots at Chippewa Square, arguably Savannah’s most famous historic square and the former home of Forrest Gump’s park bench haha. 

And… this dress, am I right?! I AM OBSESSED WITH IT! It’s the perfect end-of-summer dress and available in 3 colors. (I got it at the Shein Pop-Up Shop a few weeks ago!) It was literally the one dress I had my eye on online and it was the ONLY THING HANGING ON THE RACK when I first walked into the shop… because it had been totally cleaned out lol! I ended up scoring a couple of other pieces as the shop was restocked, but this was the one thing I was most excited for! It’s the first plunging neckline dress that I actually felt secure in… it has a tie back so I felt really covered! 


Outfit Details: Stripe dress • Shein Necklace • c/o Charming Charlie Mini hoop earrings • c/o Charming Charlie Sunnies • Ray-Ban Sandals • Target similar Bag • Tory Burch Beaded bracelets • c/o taudrey Cuff bracelet • c/o taudrey Pearl bracelet • c/o taudrey Rose gold beaded bracelets • c/o taudrey Pearl chain bracelet • c/o taudrey

Thank you so much for reading and for all of your support! I am so excited for this next chapter and so psyched that you’ll be coming along for the ride. I’d love to know– do you have any great Savannah recommendations?? What type of content do you want to see going forward? Any home decor company recos?? Hit the comments and let me know! 

xo Steph

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