In My Makeup Bag: Current Beauty Faves

Part of my New Year’s goal to “Get organized” involves cleaning out my beauty arsenal. As a self-professed beauty junkie, I accumulate TONS of products. Some I love, some not so much. I always love to try new things and am constantly hopping from product to product. But, there are a few products I can’t help but go back to lately… so figured I’d share them! These are my current beauty faves… the goodies I CAN’T live without! Check ’em out:

How about you? What’s in your beauty bag right now? I’m always open to recommendations!

xo, Stephanie

Your stylish BFF. Obsessed with coffee, crop tops, and Amazon. Love dressing up. Always on the hunt for the perfect bag, boot or LBD to share with you, my BFF. Let's do life together.

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