How to Fake a Fall Transition Outfit When It’s Hot

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles a summer to fall outfit

The summer to fall transition can be a tricky time style-wise. Honestly, here in Miami, ANY seasonal transition time is tough. It’s basically one temperature, all the time: HOT. Since I’ve had to become a master in dressing for the season without melting into a puddle, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way on how to fake a fall transition outfit when it’s still hot out.

1. Fake it ’til you make it: coated skinny jeans + faux leather leggings

Nothing says fall like a great pair of leather leggings. In fact, leather leggings are probably my favorite fall piece of clothing. Come September, I basically LIVE in them. Last year, I finally took the plunge on these babies that have long been touted by fashion bloggers as THE ultimate in faux leather leggings. Sheen-wise, I don’t think they’re the most leather-y looking, but they’re insanely slimming and pretty comfortable so they get a pass.

If you’re looking for more of a pant, a coated jean is always a great option to get the leather look without the heat factor.

2. Pick muted or rich colors

While summer is all about bolds and brights like hot pinks, aquas, and sunny yellows, the easiest way to make your outfit feel more autumnal is to alter your color palette. Pick neutrals, jewel tones, deep and dark colors or muted shades. Altering the color palette of your outfit will instantly make you feel more in-season.

3. Texture is key

Suede booties or wedges, calf hair bags, velvet accents… add some layered textures to your accessories or outfit for an instant update. You can do a lightweight cardigan or pullover paired with floaty chiffon or lace for a chic little mix. Adding layered texture really takes your outfit into the fall in an easy way.

4. Keep it light

Lightweight knits are your bff. Opt for a light cardigan or pullover and layer over your cami or tee to give it a fall vibe. (Plus, it’s usually cold inside everywhere, right?) I touched on this a bit in #3, mixing textures and layering textiles take your look from summer to fall in a super easy way.

In the spirit of the fall transition, I put together an outfit that felt a little bit fall but was totally ok to wear in 100 degrees. This bow tie peplum top is so pretty and I love the fall floral print. These coated skinny jeans are super old, but they’re a great and easy way to get the leather look. (This pair is similar and amazing! I have my eye on them for an update.)

The leopard calf hair bag and suede wedges feel appropriate for the new season and really add a bit of texture to the look.

Check out my outfit below:

Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas of A Sparkle Factor wearing a floral peplum top and coated skinny jeans

Outfit Details

Shein floral peplum top, c/o Klique B coated jeans, similar here Baublebar Mya drops earrings, c/o Clare V leopard foldover clutch Indigo Rd Airy wedge, higher end version here Baublebar Crystal Mason ring Baublebar line up bracelet trio taudrey Jackie Kennedy bracelet taudrey Autograph cuff, c/o Baublebar egg ring 

Shein peplum bow tie top + coated skinny jeans Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing coated jeans and a cute peplum top Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing coated jeans and wedges Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing Baublebar Mya earrings Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas styles a summer to fall transition outfit

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to know– what are your tips for fall transitional dressing? Hit the comments and let me know!

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