The Alida Hotel Review – Savannah

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One of my favorite things about moving to Savannah is discovering a new city. I’ve been pretty lucky to live in some incredible cities over the years, (New York, Miami, Savannah) where playing tourist has been pretty easy. Trying new restaurants, visiting new neighborhoods, walking around… these are all great ways to explore your city. I’ll admit, it can be tough for me at times because I’m also a creature of habit… I like what I like! BUT– I also love trying new things. I’m a big fan of the staycation. Staycations are a great and easy way to recharge and relax.

I’ve been Instagram-stalking The Alida (a recently opened hotel here in Sav) over the last few months and have been dying to check it out.

My sister and I checked in a few weeks ago and had the best time… we basically had to be pried out of our room with a crowbar haha!

The hotel is super chic and has everything you could want in a hotel. If you’re visiting Savannah anytime soon… it’s definitely the place to stay.

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All About the Alida…

OK, so first things first– location, location, location. The Alida is in a really convenient location downtown, within walking distance of basically everything. ALL of the hottest restaurants, bars, stores, etc. There are killer views of the river and the entire downtown area.

The thing I liked most is that it’s all very modern and chic, but somehow still feels home-y and warm. The staff is lovely and helpful and I LOVE the lobby area!

There’s free coffee available downstairs every morning and it’s good coffee which you know is important to me haha!

The Alida is part of the Tribute Portfolio hotels… Tribute Portfolio is a sub-group of Marriott that features quirky and unique properties, chock full of personality. I love Tribute Portfolio hotels. (Plus, they’re all Marriotts!)

All About The Rooms…

We stayed in the most beautiful room with a stunning view of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge. As for the rest of the room: floor to ceiling windows, tons of nautral light, the most beautiful marble bathroom, and the comfiest bed with the most cozy down comforter.

This is a weird thing I noticed, but I loved the in-room snacks! The room was stocked with all the usual goodies but also a box of local fave Byrd’s chocolate chip cookies! (So sweet and specific to Savannah!)

The room had other touches of Savannah as well, including SCAD president Paula Wallace’s book, which my sister quite enjoyed perusing since she’s a SCAD student lol!

I also loved the special “Alida” print found throughout the hotel… the pool towels featured them as did a throw pillow on our bed. The print was designed by a SCAD student and we thought that was so cool.

The interiors throughout the property were really incredibly well done. The attention to detail was something I definitely noticed and appreciated.

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The Pool…

We immediately headed out to the pool are to relax. The pool area was quiet and relaxing. There’s access to a bar and we had the most refreshing Aperol Spritzes, my go-to poolside cocktail. You could relax in a cabana or a poolside lounger… but my favorite was lounging in the pool. It’s one of those shallow pools you can just sit in and relax… totally my favorite! We relaxed all afternoon before heading to the roof for drinks!

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The Alida Savannah
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The Lost Square

OK, so I’d been dying to check out The Lost Square for weeks. There’s nothing I love more than a good rooftop and The Lost Square is Savannah’s newest rooftop bar. It’s definitely one of Savannah’s newest hot spots and I was so excited to finally get a chance to go!

The view is incredible– you can see the river, the bridge, all of downtown. There’s live music, comfy couches, delicious appetizers. It’s a GREAT date spot. Very romantic and cozy. There’s a beautiful fireplace and tons of secluded little spots all around to catch the sunset.

We had a couple of glasses of rose and ordered the charcuterie board… because I am sucker for a charcuterie board!

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After drinks, we headed down to Rhett, the downstairs restaurant. I had heard about Rhett quite a bit and had been following them on Instagram. The food looked amazing so I was psyched to dine there.

I ordered the shrimp and crab roll and we split the chocolate cake. Kaitlyn went with the cheeseburger and it was incredible looking!

We went back the next morning for breakfast and it was just as good! I ordered the breakfast sandwich and was not disappointed!

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Overall Thoughts on The Alida…

We had an amazing time! Kaitlyn and I basically didn’t want to leave! If you’re planning a trip to Savannah, The Alida is the place to stay. It’s convenient, glamorous, warm, fun, and in a prime location downtown.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Thank you to The Alida for providing a free stay in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who support A Sparkle Factor.

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