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Fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas and Lawren Bagley wearing matching PJ Salvage Desert Dreams pajama sets

Well, this is my very last post from our girls’ trip to Boston! We had so much fun, exploring Boston and Nantucket, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and just spending time together. One of my favorite parts of blogging has been meeting so many amazing girls who do what I do. Girls who are smart, fun, and love fashion. Girls who share their hearts and thoughts every day with readers. I was really excited to take a trip with a few of my fave girls. (And btw– traveling with other bloggers is the BEST because they totally get that you need to take 20 photos of your latte before drinking it and what angle will work best for your OOTD, no judgements haha!) Every night was basically a slumber party full of gossip, champagne, and fun times.

Our friends at PJ Salvage sent us a couple of sets of adorable matching pajamas… because what’s a slumber party without some matching pj action?? Lawren and I were all about the Desert Dreams set and Nina and Jaime went for the Teepee set.  We also all went for the plaid sleep shirt because, duh.

We had THE BEST time shooting these photos… we were seriously dying laughing. (And I’ll be honest, my legs were super sore after jumping on the bed! I actually fell off the bed, NOT EVEN JOKING.)

By the way… notice anything in the pic of Lawren popping the bottle of champagne?? Hint: 1) the cork is in the frame and 2) we all have our eyes closed lol! Perfect shot!

Fashion bloggers Stephanie Pernas and Lawren Bagley wearing matching pajamasFashion bloggers Stephanie Pernas and Lawren Bagley wearing matching pajamasMiami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas of A Sparkle Factor wearing PJ Salvage pajamasMiami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing PJ Salvage Desert Dreams pjs and Let's Sleep In eyemaskMiami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wearing PJ Salvage Desert Dreams pajama set Miami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas shows off a PJ Salvage Let's Sleep In EyemaskMiami fashion blogger Stephanie Pernas wears PJ Salvage cloud pajamasSouth Florida fashion blogger Jaime Cittadino and Nina Lacher wearing matching PJ Salvage teepee pajama setsFashion bloggers Stephanie Pernas and Jaime Cittadino wearing matching plaid PJ Salvage pajamas Fashion bloggers wearing matching PJ Salvage pajamasFashion bloggers Stephanie Pernas of A Sparkle Factor and Jaime Cittadino of Sunflowers and Stilettos jump on the bed in PJ Salvage plaid sleepshirts on a girls' trip to BostonFashion bloggers at the Boston Park Plaza wearing matching PJ Salvage night shirtsPJ Salvage Let's Sleep In eyemask and breakfast in bed Fashion bloggers wearing PJ Salvage pink sleepshirts

And that’s a wrap on Boston! I hope you enjoyed the posts and fun fall outfits! I had an amazing time with my gal pals. Thanks for reading! Check out all of my posts from the trip here.

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