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If you’re an avid Nordstrom shopper like I am, you are no doubt aware of the fact that the BEST sale of the year is almost here! The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is merely DAYS away, so we need to talk strategy. Oh, yes. SALE STRATEGY, girlfriend. With a sale this good, you need to be ready or else you’re going to miss out, big-time. (Learned that one the hard way.)

0b8c309a-4406-4dc7-a3e8-b9b24f2055d8What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Nordy’s BIGGEST and best sale of the year, and truly one-of-a-kind. While most sales are clearance sales highlighting past season merch, the Anniversary Sale pushes new, NEXT SEASON product. Amazing, right?

When does the sale start?

Early Access starts for Nordstrom cardholders on July 12th at 12:30pm EST. Cardholders get to shop the sale exclusively for a week and then the sale opens up to the general public on July 19th. Prices go up on August 5th, but really, by then, all the best things are sold out anyway.

  • Early Access: July 12th-July 18th
  • Public Access: July 19th-August 5th 

How Do I Shop the Sale Early Access? 

Early Access is exclusively for Nordstrom cardholders. Cardholders get a range of benefits including early access to the sale and the ability to earn gift cards based on rewards. With the Nordstrom card you earn 3 points for every $1 you spend. You earn a $5 Nordstrom note for every 500 points you earn.

Read more about the card here. You can apply for a Nordstrom card here.

If you really, really don’t want a card, you can still join the Nordstrom Rewards program, now called The Nordy Club, in which you will earn 1 point for every $1 spent (instead of the 3 points per $1 you get with the card) using cash or any card you want. You won’t get early access to the sale, but at least you’ll get some Notes. (Seriously, just get the card. It’s worth it, trust.)

If you want to apply for a Nordstrom credit card, they’re currently running a promotion where you’ll get a $60 Nordstrom Note right away, just for signing up!

You also get a $100 alterations credit, which came in handy when I had my bridesmaid dress for Kristin’s wedding altered a couple of years ago. I got my dress altered for free, which is kind of amazing.

What should I buy during the NSale?

I’ll be doing an in-depth roundup the first day of early access and then sharing what I picked up throughout the sale, so stay tuned. Generally, it’s the best time to stock up on fall essentials and your splurge-worthy designer pieces like handbags, coats, and boots. They always do the BEST affordable over-the-knee boots and booties. There are always some great leather jackets, and it’s the PERFECT time to score a Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, or Alexander Wang bag. Nordstrom also always does really good beauty buys, which is a total rarity in terms of sales, you know? Last year they did a great deal on the T-3 curling wand and there were a few really good Charlotte Tillbury sets.

For an idea of the types of things that were on sale last year, feel free to check out last year’s post of my favorites here and my Nordstrom Anniversay Sale Try-On here.

To check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Catalogue, head here.

Prices go up after the sale is over, so it’s a definite case of get-it-while-you-can.

What else should I know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Remember that Nordstrom always offers free shipping and returns, so you don’t have to be shy about shopping online and then returning what doesn’t work! Nordstrom has the best return policy in the game, hands down. You can also order online and pick up in store, which is a huge gamechanger if you a) don’t want to fight the crowds but b) don’t want to wait. Best of both worlds. I also love buying online and picking up in-store, because I don’t have to hunt down my favorite pieces, they’re just READY FOR ME, haha.

Why do bloggers get so crazy around the sale?

The NSale burnout is real, guys. Every blogger goes extra hard, pushing sales and promoting products non-stop for the whole month. If you follow a lot of bloggers, I know it gets to be a bit much. Let me break it down for you.

To begin with,  I happen to think that it’s a really good sale. Most sales are not on new, next-season merchandise. It’s a really great opportunity to stock up on fall basics before the season kicks off. But there’s definitely more at play in the blogging community.

As you may know, bloggers make a small commission every time you make a purchase after clicking one of their links. Commissions are just one of the many ways we as bloggers make money. It’s basically the equivalent of an employee helping you out in-store and ringing you up. If you follow several bloggers and read many posts about the sale, the last link you click before making a purchase wins the sale. Keep in mind that if you’re loyal to a certain blogger and feel strongly about supporting them, one of the ways you can do so is by clicking their link last before you make a sale.

It’s no secret that bloggers love Nordstrom. Bloggers share Nordstrom a lot because our readers love Nordstrom and shop Nordstrom a lot. After the holiday season, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest time for bloggers in terms of online sales. YOU guys go crazy during the sale! Because of that, BLOGGERS go crazy during the sale. So that’s a little insight into the sale and why bloggers push it so hard. Ultimately, it’s the time of year after holiday that we make the most money, so we try to promote it as much as possible.

How will you be covering the sale?

I will be sharing a post on the first day of Early Access, highlighting my favorite first impression finds. I will share fitting room thoughts on InstaStories (so make sure you are following here!) and then I will then share a Dressing Room Diary post with more in-depth thoughts on sizing and fit! I will also probably share a Favorite Under $50 post and Beauty Favorites post. I’m happy to take any suggestions! Let me know what YOU want to see!

So, do you feel ready to tackle the sale?? What are you planning on scooping up? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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