Loft Friends + Family Sale Favorites + Try-On Session

When I first moved to Savannah, I connected with the local LOFT store manager. (The store on Broughton street is so, so good!) We chatted a bit and she invited me in to the store to check it out and to takeover their Instagram account. Luckily, it worked out that I could pop by and do a try on session just in time for the LOFT Friends and Family sale! It started today, so I went in and tried on basically ALL the things. 

There is so much good stuff at LOFT right now! Plus, it’s 40% off with the code FRIENDS(Even Lou & Grey which is always excluded!) It’s the perfect time to stock up on fall pieces and to refresh your wardrobe for the new season.

OBVIOUSLY I couldn’t keep you guys hanging– I know you love LOFT as much as I do! SO, I have a full try on session uploaded to InstaStories right now, make sure you check that out to see these pieces in motion. 

Also, if you’re local to Savannah, HI! So excited to connect with you. Hopefully you are following Loft on Broughton St. They are doing a great giveaway when they hit 500 followers! (Unfortunately, it’s only open to Sav locals, sorry gals! But if you’re in Savannah, you should definitely enter!) 

Let’s get this try-on sesh started! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session – leopard sweater and leather skirt

Leopard sweater wearing a size medium, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70 || Faux leather wrap skirt runs small, size up one, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70|| Booties 

I have been obsessing over this leopard sweater since it first hit the LOFT website! I just love this graphic take on leopard… it’s so neutral, so modern, yet so classic. I think it’ll pair equally well with jeans, leather leggings, or even denim shorts while it’s still on the warmer side! 

The sweater is super super soft and not at all itchy! 

Loved the sweater paired with the faux leather wrap skirt! This is a little bit cool, downtown, but still polished. 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-11

Ribbed cardigan wearing a medium. Comes in 4 colors, full price: $59.50 on sale: $29.50 || Vintage soft tee|| Faux leather wrap skirt 

Here’s another way to style the leather skirt! Throw on a classic tee and a cozy sweater for a more lowkey look that’s still super glam. BTW– this cardigan is an INSANE steal at only $29.50! I say scoop up ALL 4 COLORS! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-4

Polka dot flare shirtdress, runs tts full price: $89.50, on sale: $53.70 || Denim jacket, wearing a medium, full price: $89.50, on sale: $53.70

This polka dot dress is great for work… the nipped in waist is uber flattering and the print is cheery and pretty. Check out InstaStories for a peek at the dress without the jean jacket! 

BTW– this is a great, classic jean jacket. Every girl needs a jean jacket in her wardrobe! I have one I bought in 7TH GRADE that I still wear all the time. (My sisters are always stealing it from my closet!! Oh yeah– I was in 7th grade in 1997. That jacket is 21 years old.) Maybe it’s time to buy a new one?? LOL jk, the one I currently use all the time, I actually bought it, like, 7 years ago. SO…) 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-5

Lou & Grey fuzzy sweater, wearing a size medium, full price: $79.50, on sale: $47.70 || Leopard jacquard mini skirt runs tts, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70|| Booties

Probably  my favorite outfit! I am dying over this cozy, fuzzy sweater! The fit is perfect, I love how oversized it is! 

The leopard mini is so chic, I’m obsessed. I think it would be really cute paired with a white tee and jean jacket, or a black turtleneck. There are TONS of ways to style it! Under $50, I say scoop it up! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-6

Lou & Grey fuzzy sweater || Denim leggings run tts (wearing petite size!) 

Another way to style the cozy white sweater, paired with the denim legging The denim legging is SO good! So flattering, I felt/looked sooo skinny in them! A great, uniform, dark wash denim. SO hard to find a good pair that doesn’t have a ton of whiskering on the thigh, which makes your thighs look bigger. The uniform wash of the legging definitely makes it one of the most flattering denim styles I’ve ever tried! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-2

Chambray shirtdress wearing a size 6, full price: $79.50, on sale: $47.70|| Sweater vest, wearing a size medium, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70 || Booties 

I was pleasantly surprised by the fit on the chambray shirtdress! I unbuttoned it quite a bit to give it a little edge… Too buttoned up, I wasn’t that into it. It’s a really versatile piece that can work with a lot of different pieces in your closet– add a cozy cardigan in the cooler months or throw on a sweater vest in that weird transitional time… like right now. 

I LOVE a sweater vest… especially here in the south. It’s a great way to layer when it’s not quite fall but you really want to channel those fall vibes. (aka, ME, always.) I’d love this beauty paired with a leather legging, or just any basic legging! Toss it on over your favorite dress, or pair it with jeans and a top. 

Chambray shirtdress || Booties

Here’s a peek at the shirtdress without the sweatervest over it… isn’t it flattering?! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-7

Wrap sweater, available in 2 colors, runs tts, full price: $59.50, on sale: $35.70 || Denim leggings || Booties 

THIS is the perfect top for Thanksgiving! SUCH a great fall piece, ALL the fall vibes. The faux wrap style is insanely flattering and I was pleased that the crossover wasn’t too revealing. This top still offered great coverage and I wasn’t afraid that I was going to have a wardrobe malfunction. Truly ideal in the family holiday scenario, haha! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-9

Chenille blouson cardigan , available in 3 colors, wearing a medium, full price: $64.50, on sale: $38.70|| Vintage soft tee, wearing a medium, full price: $24.50, on sale: $ || Denim leggings 

Call this one my fall uniform. I basically wear this every day. A pair of great jeans, an easy tee, and a cozy chenille cardi.  YOU KNOW MY LOVE FOR CHENILLE AND SPECIFICALLY FOR THE LOFT CHENILLE CARDIGANS. This is the new, updated version of last year’s fave cardi… it’s available in 3 colors and they’re all gorgeous! (Plum, gray and olive!) I can’t recommend this cardigan enough. I seriously wear mine every single day, around the house when it gets chilly. 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-10

Lou & Grey loopstripe sweater, wearing a medium, full price: $79.50, on sale: $41.99 || Modern frayed skinny jeans, runs tts, wearing the petite size, full price: $79.50, on sale: $47.70 || 

OK I lied, I think this might be tied for my favorite outfit… I am dead for this sweater!! I love the texture, the oversized fit and it’s just a beautiful, cozy white sweater that isn’t BORING. I had spotted this baby on Instagram quite a bit the last few months and I DON’T KNOW HOW I DON’T HAVE IT IN MY CLOSET ALREADY! At under $50, now is definitely the time. 

While this is definitely a more casual look, I can see it pairing with a cute skirt or leather leggings too! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-14

Plaid poncho, don’t see it online yet, I’ll keep you posted! || Dotted square neck blouse, wearing a medium, could size down, full price: $59.50, on sale: $35.70 || Denim leggings  || OTK boots 

I love a good print mix, and black watch plaid is my favorite type of plaid. I loved the idea of pairing this cool poncho with this sweet blouse… I think the dots and plaid play off of each other really nicely and keeps the outfit fun. 

A note– the denim leggings are probably the best jeans I’ve ever used to pair with OTK boots. Rolling these babies up, it was probably the first that my jeans haven’t gotten all bunchy and tight and awkward where the boot is sliding on. If you’re looking for a great pair of jeans to pair with your boots, the denim legging is it. 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-16

Lou & Grey chevron tunic  wearing a medium, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70|| Plaid ruffle skirt, runs tts, full price: $59.99, on sale: $35.99 || OTK boots 

Clueless vibes? I spotted this pretty plaid skirt and thought it would be so cute with this pink sweater. (There’s a pink stripe running through the plaid!) 

The sweater is actually a really great tunic that would go well with leggings and jeans too! 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session – emerald poncho and jeans outfit

Turtleneck poncho sweater, available in 2 colors, wearing a medium, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70 || Denim leggings 

OK, I know that it sounds crazy to talk holiday outfits, but this emerald turtleneck poncho is a GREAT holiday piece! I absolutely love the color and fit… so comfy and yet still flattering. It’s also available in black, which would look incredible with black leather leggings. 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-21

Chenille sweater, wearing a medium, available in 2 colors, full price: $59.50, on sale: $35.70 || Modern frayed skinny jeans

Because I only want to wear all chenille, all the time. This cozy number comes in 2 colors and feels like butter. You’ll never want to take this one off, trust. 

LOFT Friends + Family Sale Try On Session-24

Striped split back sweater, wearing a medium, full price: $69.50, on sale: $41.70 || Modern double frayed soft slim pocket skinny jean, run tts, full price: $79.50, on sale: $47.70

This striped sweater is so, so cute! It looks like 2 pieces, but it’s really not. This is a great way to get the layering look especially in this transitional time! The back is so precious too! (Sorry I forgot to snap a pic of it!) It’s openbacked showing only the white top. 

More LOFT Sale Favorites

So, what do you think?? Will you be shopping LOFT Friends + Family? Don’t forget to use code FRIENDS to take 40% off  everything! 

Hit the comments and let me know what you’re picking up! 

xo Steph

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