The Power of Positivity + 25 Things to Do at Home


Happy Monday! WOW, things feel weird don’t they? Honestly, I’m not even sure why… I work from home all the time and while I do love to get together with friends and go out on the weekend, I don’t always. I’ll confess, I’m kind of a homebody and love to stay in haha! Yet, somehow it all feels so different. Maybe because we “have” to stay home? Either way, I’m very cognizant of the fact that all of YOU don’t always stay home and many of you may be dreading it.

I did want to take a second to talk about our mindset. Our mindset going into this situation is going to be the key. While this is definitely not an ideal situation we find ourselves in, we can definitely control our attitude about it. Let’s maybe stop saying we “have” to stay home and instead say we “get” to stay home.

We’re all SO busy all of the time. So many obligations and expectations on our time, it’s really rare that we get the time to just relax and be present at home. I think instead of focusing on the negatives and what we’re missing out on, let’s instead look on the bright side and focus on what we’re gaining. This can be an opportunity if we let it.

We can use this time to learn new skills, organize our homes, improve our minds, and even re-connect with our loved ones. Sure, we need to avoid social gatherings, but we can still Facetime, talk on the phone and catch up. There are definitely creative ways that we can still enjoy our lives while also being socially responsible. It might just so happen that even into 2021, we’ll have to spend a lot of our time social distancing and staying home, so we might as well make the best of it. It’s unlikely that we can ever run out of things to do at home, especially with the Internet at our fingertips…even something that’s not so ‘productive’, like spending some time on an online slot machine or casino could help get our mind off the feeling of boredom.

I’ve put together a list of 25 things you can do in your time at home. Some are definitely more fun than others, but they’re all activities to improve your mind, life, home, family, etc!

25 Things to Do at Home

(1) Organize and clean out your closet

(2) Organize your pantry || **love these labels on Amazon! Order them and some jars/containers to keep everything super fresh and organized

(3) Get rid of old makeup/organize your makeup drawer || **you can download the Beauty Keeper app to help with this! You just scan the product and it will tell you its expiration date! Throw out any expired beauty products!

(4) Do a deep clean of your home

(5) Do yardwork

(6) Tackle those home projects you’ve been putting off (hanging pictures, reshuffling furniture, etc!)

(7) Gather photos you love that are trapped in your phone and send them off to be printed out || **you can use Snapfish or Shutterfly for this!

(8) Research and start planning travel for later

(9) Have fun cooking, try a new recipe || **maybe try a food delivery box?? My GreenChef code is still active! It’s STEPHANIEPERNAS80 for $80 off your first box!

(10) Tackle your reading list || **if you need recommendations, I have a bunch of book reviews you can check out!

(11) Binge watch a new TV show || **I have a post on the best bingeable shows you’re probably NOT watchingcheck it out here!

(12) Watch a movie trilogy/series you’ve never seen before (like Star Wars!)

(13) Have a family game night

(14) Take an online course (learn coding, photography, etc.) || **Skillshare is a great site for this. If coding is what you’re interested in, CodeAcademy offers free courses as well. Also just read this amazing article, 450 Ivy League courses you can take online for free

(15) Learn a different language || **Download DuoLingo or get serious with some Rosetta Stone action

(16) Start a blog or YouTube channel

(17) Do a home workout || **I love the FitOn app and it’s free! I’ve also done Xtend Barre which is on OpenFit (a paid app) and love it! You can also find great free workouts on YouTube or Amazon Prime

(18) Bake some goodies

(19) Facetime friends to catch up (bonus: do it with coffee or wine!)

(20) Watch beauty tutorials on YouTube and perfect a new skill (winged liner, contouring, etc.)

(21) Put together a puzzle

(22) Start journaling

(23) Create a Vision Board for 2020 (we need it lol)

(24) Listen to a podcast || **If you’re into true crime, I have two posts on the best True Crime podcasts, check ’em out for recommendations.

(25) Be creative (paint, draw, sew, write, etc.)

I hope that you’re feeling inspired by this list! I know that I’m looking forward to tackling a few things mentioned above… what are you planning on tackling in your time at home? Let me know in the comments!

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