5 Things to Try in May

Happy May Day, everyone! I love the beginning of a new month. There’s just something so invigorating about flipping the page in your cal and starting anew. Maybe it’s the prospect of new beginnings and possibilities, but something just makes me feel energized. Part of growth both in your personal life and sartorial journey is trying new things and taking chances. In that spirit, I wanted to share 5 things to try in May! I’ll be giving these things a shot this month. (When I do try them, believe that I’ll be chronicling them for A Sparkle Factor!)

1. Try a boxy floral dress with a cage bootie, like Rashida Jones.

2. Experiment more with different hairstyles. I often find myself slipping into a beauty rut and wearing my hair the exact same way over and over. This May, I’m going to challenge myself to get creative with my mane.

3. Try colored eyeliner. Colored eyeliner is a huge trend this spring, so I’ll be giving it a shot and adding some bright hues to my beauty aresenal.

4. Add more necklaces to my roster. I need to invest in more statement stunners, for sure! (Never enough bling!)

5. Set a monthly clothing budget. Responsibility is the name of the game. Setting a monthly clothing budget is a great way to keep yourself financially on track.

Tell me in the comments: What are you going to try this May?



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