10 Things to Try in July

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I feel like every month I start off my “10 Things to Try” post with… “Can you believe it’s (insert month here)?” But really… this year is flying by. The summer is already half over and I can’t even believe it. July is going to be a crazy busy month for me! Between Miami Swim Week, heading to Turks & Caicos on a cruise with my sister, and everything else going by, I’m sure this month will fly by too! There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up and I can’t wait to share what I’m working on! In the meantime, sharing my little list of 10 things to try!

1. Wear all white. Summer’s the perfect time to try a fresh white-on-white look… plus, it’ll keep you cool. (BONUS!) Try a ripped white skinny jean and an easy white top; pair with a nude wedge. (That’s the look I’m going for!)

2. Throw a 4th of July BBQ. Nothing says America like a patriotic themed bbq. Go for string lights, pretty floral arrangements, and I’m thinking an all-white tablescape with pops of red and blue.

3. Give a one-piece a shot. There are so many adorable one piece swimsuits out there, I’m thinking it’s time to give the bikini a break.

4. Find a fun beach bag. I’m hunting down a pretty straw bag with pom poms. NEED.

5. Swap your skinny leg for a retro flare. The 70s are back in a big way! Now’s the perfect time to scoop up a great flare leg jean. Pair with a wedge.

6. Give your blowdryer a break. This one’s tough for me, because my bangs NEED some heat styling. Going to give it a try, though! Scoop up a salt spray to give your hair that fresh from the beach texture.

7. Skip the foundation for a bronzing BB cream. When it’s majorly hot out, the LAST thing you want to do is slather your face with heavy product. ICK. Dying to try some of the bronzing BBs this summer to even skin tone, add a hint of color, and give me a healthy summer glow.

8. Catch a screening of  Pixar’s Inside Out. I haven’t been this excited for a flick in a long time! Dying to see it!

9. Find a new Netflix show to binge. Right now, I’m watching Sons of Anarchy  and am totally obsessed. (WEIRD RIGHT? IT’S SO GOOD.) Next up, I’m thinking I need to catch up on Orange is the New Black. What should I get into next?? Taking suggestions!

10. Try out Benefit’s new colored ‘They’re Real’ liners. I LOVE the Benefit “They’re Real” black liner; it’s my go-to! Dying to try one of the cool colored liners like BLUE!

Tell me in the comments: what are you trying this month?? 

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  1. Great list of things to try! I’m glad flare jeans are coming back, I just hope I can find some with a low waist. Those are hard to find these days. I was actually just going to start Sons of Anarchy too! It’s b/w that or Pretty Little Liars which I know is juvenile but 2 of my very adult friends love it lol!
    For suggestions, yes do OITNB season 3. Have you tried Breaking Bad? That’s amazing! Also Outlander but I don’t know if that’s on Netflix. I watched it on Demand on Starz.

    Posted 7.1.15 Reply
    • The tricky thing for me is getting a good length since I’m short 🙁 I personally prefer the higher waist because it makes me feel more secure!

      Definitely recommend SOA! I NEVER thought I’d be into it, but it’s SO GOOD. Pretty Little Liars is awesome, but it gets to be a bit much after awhile! HOW LONG CAN THEY DRAG IT OUT FOR?!? I did Breaking Bad! SO GOOD. I don’t know about Outlander? I’ll check it out! I think I may want to watch Weeds next! Thanks for the recos! x

      Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  2. great ideas, this month we’re going to the beach to do a night picnic and see the fireworks

    The Color Palette

    Posted 7.1.15 Reply
    • I LOVE the idea of a night picnic! I want to see pics if you do it!! xx

      Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  3. signe wrote:

    Ok, you’ve definitely nailed it here! That Target bag is insanely adorable and I’ve been on the hunt for flared jeans for several months. I’m still a bit scared to wear all white, just because I know that I tend to walk into things and I work with small children, but I may still need to give it a go!

    : signe :
    : the daily savant :
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    Posted 7.2.15 Reply
    • HAHA seriously, I can’t wear all white without getting it dirty either… lol! I’m definitely going to scoop up one or two of those Target bags! SUCH A GOOD PRICE! Do they ship to you??

      Posted 7.9.15 Reply
  4. Nina wrote:

    Seriously can’t believe its July! I love your list and I’m loving that Nordstrom one piece! So cute! Have fun this weekend!

    xo, Nina

    Posted 7.3.15 Reply
  5. Unfortunately, I’ve never tried the Benefit They’re Real’ liners but I do like the mascara and would be interested in the coloured versions. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    Posted 7.3.15 Reply
    • I really, really like the Benefit liner. One small complaint- if you wear it a REALLY long time, it starts to get a little flaky by the end of day… BUT, it still stays on. I personally love it. What’s your fave liner??

      Posted 7.9.15 Reply
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